We are IF Craft Beer...

Craft Beer should be an experience, a moment of joy. Craft beer should be shared, to be enjoyed with friends and the people around you. Craft beer is for everyone. That is in short what we stand for. IF Craft Beer was founded to share our passion for good Craft beer with the rest of the world.



IF Craft Beer is a contract brewery from Leiden founded in 2020 by the two huge beer lovers and brewers Estefania Ibáñez Sierra and Sander van Stigt Thans. Our story starts in 2012 when we decided “it would be nice to brew our own beer”. To anyone thinking of doing the same… be careful! Because after making that first brew in our kitchen, we never stopped experimenting and looking for that next beer experience!

Eventually Sander became a member of the Leiden brewers guild ‘Het Sint Stevensgilde’. The guild runs the small city brewery in ‘Het Stadsbrouwhuis’ in Leiden. There we got a taste of brewing at a larger scale and what it is like to share our beers with a bigger crowd. It was so amazing to see people drinking and enjoying the beers we had developed that we decided we wanted to do that much more often!

WhyIF Craft

Experimenting is in our blood and you will find this back in our beers. We constantly wonder how something will taste in a beer... what if we add this… what if we add that... And that's exactly where our name comes from, "What if ... IF Craft Beer".


To bring you a moment of joy by sharing our love for craft and drive for quality!

Beer is for everyone and we are not committed to anything. You can expect everything from us, from a heavy experimental beer you have never tasted before to a nice traditional blond. Only if we love it, we share it. And we hope it will make you as enthusiastic as us!