We are IF Craft Beer...

IF Craft Beer is founded by 5 passionate craft beer lovers and experienced brewers; Andre van der Zee, Liesbeth Dorama, Leander van Vliet, Estefania Ibanez Sierra and Sander van Stigt Thans.

Andre and Liesbeth are well known in Leiden and surroundings with the brewery Neptunus. Famous beers like ‘Ceres’ tripel kuyt and ‘Peko’ oatmeal stout are of their making. Leander is known from the Hopbird brewery, also known for the ‘bakker bier’ or ‘kopjechino’. Sander and Fani have been passionate home brewers for many years now.



Sander, Leander and Andre are all three members of the Leiden brewers guild ‘het Sint Stevensgilde’. ‘Het Sint Stevengilde’ consists of a group of eight experienced brewers and together we run the small city brewery in ‘Het Stadsbrouwhuis’ in Leiden. That’s where we met and that’s where the story starts…

Through the guild we have been meeting regularly to brew together, share brewing experiences, talk about beer and of course share good beers together!

We realized that together we can accomplish more, but more importantly, have more fun in the process! And to us, that is what craft beer is all about. Liesbeth and Estefania joined the adventure and together we created IF Craft Beer!


Where do we make IF Craft Beers...

IF Craft Beer rents ‘brewing capacity’ in the Klein Duimpje Brouwerij in Hillegom. Because of the good and long friendship between Andre and Erik Bouman, owner of Klein Duimpje, we are in the unique position that we can independently brew our own beers in their facility. So, even though we do not own our own facility, all IF Craft Beers are guaranteed brewed by the IF Craft team!

What isIF Craft beer

IF Craft Beer is all about innovation, creativity and experimenting in brewing. We are on a constant quest to discover new flavors and ingredients to bring the people a unique beer experience. What if we add this… what if we change that… what if we push the boundaries of brewing together.

We don’t believe that someone does not like beer. The world of beer is too divers and too beautiful for that. You just didn’t find a proper match yet! We believe we can make a beer for everyone through creative and fun brewing. And we can only do that by listening to you.

Our mission:

To bring you a moment of joy by sharing our love for craft and drive for quality!

You are IF Craft beer, I am IF Craft Beer, We are IF Craft Beer...