Introduction of Stamgasten Bier 25 year anniversary special edition

Tuesday 30 June 2020

Introduction of Stamgasten Bier 25 year anniversary special edition

The 27th of June it would have been the 25th peurbakkentocht for de Stamgasten!
To celebrate this special day, de Stamgasten brewed their own ‘Stamgasten bier’ with IF Craft Beer!

The Stamgasten bier is a belgium blonde with coriander, caraway, orange peel and... oak wood! The use of oak in the lagering gives the beer a pleasent hint of vanilla. A refreshing beer that you can enjoy all night long!

On the 27th of June the Stamgasten personally introduced their beer in a series of Leiden bars and restaurants. With a boat on which gigantic Stamgasten beer bottles and coasters were placed, the Stamgasten sailed through Leiden togheter with IF Craft Beer. On every location the Stamgasten installed a custom made tap light and of course had a Stamgasten Bier!

Guys, on behalf of IF Craft Beer, congratulations on your 25th anniversary!

Try your stamgasten bier now throughout Leiden!

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