Bier tasting 'speciaalbier indehout'

Saturday 5 September 2020

Bier tasting 'speciaalbier indehout'

Finally.. After months of quarantine.. After months of waiting.. August 22 and 23 the time had finally come! The beer taps were allowed to fully open again and the fresh beer could flow into the glasses! I am of course talking about speciaalbier indehout 2020 in de Leidse Hout. IF Craft Beer was of course there, along with 5 other local breweries.

It took some getting used to with all the corona measures. For example, guests had to remain seated at their table and there was staff to take orders. Not what we are used to from the pre-corona beer festivals… but better than nothing, right? Fortunately, we were still able to tell the story of IF and our beers from an appropriate distance.

IF Craft Beer had 2 scoops for this beer tasting!

1 - The launch of our newest beer, the Guzzling Guava Blond. A refreshing light blond beer brewed with quinoa and guava fruit. Read all about this beer on our beer page.

2 - After a lot of building and construction we were able to present our new festival stand! A festival bar entirely in the style of IF Craft Beer. Did you miss it? Check out the pictures below.

A big compliment to the organization and all beer lovers present for a great weekend.
We can't wait for the next beer event!

See you soon!