Guzzling Guava Blond

What if… you can add to your daily vitamins while enjoying an IF Craft Beer!?
The Guzzling Guava blond is a light and refreshing beer with 5.1% alcohol brewed with two South American ingredients: Quinoa and Guava fruit! Una cerveza muy refrescante mis amigos!
The Guzzling is a 4 grain blond containing barley, spelt, rye and quinoa. But between you and me… Quinoa is a seed but not a grain. So actually it is a 3.5 grain blond!
During the fermentation we added Guava fruit to the beer. The sugars from the fruit are fermented and what you are left with are all the juicy aroma’s that give this blond its distinct and refreshing flavour.


Beer details

Beer color (EBC)


Serving tips

  • temperature 4-8 Degrees